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Flexibility is Everything... We've Got You Covered

Recent events have brought major changes to the workflow process and have highlighted the importance of flexibility in the workplace. Fortunately, we were able to help our clients adapt quickly and keep moving through challenging times. We supported their transitions into remote settings with little to no friction, while other companies struggled and scrambled. 

We are here to assist you in scheduling upcoming shifts, and our ZPaaS (Zoho Platform as a Service) Program will get you there through: 

  • Cloud-based remote solutions.

  • Planning for your specific needs.

  • Ongoing support & optimization.

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Find Software Solutions that Fit Your Business

At Progress Tech, we align businesses with smart tools like ERP, CRM, workflow software and many more that allow them to do more with less… and at a budget, they can handle. 

In today’s digital world, you need systems for Client Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), and Financial Intelligence (FI) to effectively serve your clients and scale for maximum growth.

The challenge of choosing the right software solutions for your business isn’t always easy. You want to ensure compatibility with your organization and how it functions – as well as see how you can up-level and improve your operations day-to-day.

Selection can be quite a process. At Progress Tech, we aim to make your evaluation of Zoho an easy one. We will work closely with you to evaluate compatibility with your business needs and share how Zoho can provide workflow management, operations management, data management and more. Save yourself time and money on endless research – request our complimentary evaluation today.


Some of our Happy Long Term Clients

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Ready for a Zoho Test Drive?

Let us take the pain out of the evaluation process and save you time, effort, and hassle by working with you through this preliminary step.

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Zoho Certification 

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